Translation Agency

interpreting and translation, copy editing, proofreading, tour guide service

Working languages: Estonian, English, Italian, French, Swedish ja German

We created Alia Via in November 2009, after graduating from the Tallinn University MA programme in conference interpreting. This is where our previous experience with interpreting and translating, as well as editing and proofreading, received a more concrete base of theory and practice through the training that we completed. We are glad to see that over the years a solid client base has formed, and new ones are finding their way to us as well. References are available upon request.

Our name means ‘another way’ in Latin and symbolizes what we do – the message expressed in the source language will remain the same, but it will reach the target through another way, in another language. The services we offer are conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive and whispered), liaison interpreting, translation, copy editing, proofreading and tour guiding. If this is your first contact with interpreting services or if the solution seems to be more complex, we are more than glad to help you plan the interpreting for your event.